This is where we start!

Krystian Bucko, July 3, 2020

I'm incredibly excited to announce the official launch of OKO Design. I can’t begin to explain how much work goes into starting a business. Right off the cuff, I want to give tons of credit to the following people:

Essex Startups – I work with the team every day, and they have taught me loads about the business world. If you are an Essex University graduate, I strongly recommend that you go to them with your business aspirations.

Greg Cave – Helped me to launch my website, and also continues to work with me on a number of other projects. Be sure to take a look at his personal website

James Field and the team at CUSP – Talk about a guy who aims to save the world. I have partnered with CUSP to help small businesses in our area. Check out their website and noble mission at

Konstantin Terziev – A great advisor to me and an even better friend.